model mini-anecdote

November 13, 2005

This morning, like most mornings, I walked to work, from deepest, darkest chinatown to the far more fashionable Soho. On the way, I saw a stunning young woman waiting outside a clothing store. I decided to walk back, and take a second look, not yet having gotten any restraining orders during the weekend. On my way back, I barged through a photo-op, not noticing until the flash fired. When I turned to apologise, I saw that the cameraman had the strangest flash I had ever seen-it was a circle around the lens-some sort of professional gear, I assume. The subject of the photo was some model or other, impossibly tall and thin, with a somewhat unplugged look between shots. The only thing that made this at all remarkable was that the photographer turns out to be significant other of one of my friends-who I was going to see that night. It always amazes me how small a villiage New York is.