I just recently broke my leg, details follow:

I went to a movie with a friend of mine, and on the way in I noticed that our seats were next to the exit, and up a bit. One could either walk across the aisle, down the stairs, across the front of the theater, and then down an aisle, or one could jump a rail and drop 6 feet or so. I thought it would be a funny thing to jump the rail and have my friend wonder where the hell I had gotten to, as she was closer to the aisle than I was.

I checked to be sure that there was no one there, and then hopped the rail. As I was going over, I noted that it was more than 6 feet. It was, in fact, close to 15. However, my original plan worked like a charm. My friend heard the audible snap of my tibia, and wondered where the hell I had gotten to. Most amusing.

I figured that I could walk this one off, so returned to the office, read a bit, and then went home. I could not really walk by this point, so I hopped up the stairs, and went to bed. The next day (Saturday) the pain got to be too much for me, so I set out for the hospital. This being the first really nice day of 2005, naturally I could not get a cab. So I hopped down Broadway on one foot(this, incidentally, is an excellent way to draw attention to oneself), until I couldn't make it any farther. I noted that while there were no available taxis, there were many full ones. Never one to be shy, I conned some woman into sharing her cab with me. Then I had her drop me off where I thought the hospital was, only I was wrong. Then I hailed another cab, and had him take me to the address I had written down. That turned out to be wrong also. Fortunately, I was pretty close by then (both to the hospital and to gnawing my leg off). I then hopped the remaining 5 blocks, finally entering the hospital.

From there on in it was all standard, really. I charmed the pants off of the whole ER, got treated and sent on my way. I then returned to the office, it being the flattest, smoothest place I can think of, with rolling chairs and a full fridge. I don't think this will change the work schedule much. After all, as I told one of my friends, where else will there be ~100 people who I can guilt into doing stuff for me all day?